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Leaders of



Aaron Tedeschi

You will be asked to quickly answer a series of random questions.

Memorize and have prepared to perform, in the character of your choice, one of the two monologues provided below.


And there it was. One giant footprint, the size of a football field.  What beast created this crater? I heard the steps getting closer and closer. As I slowed down, they slowed down. As I sped up, they sped up. I stopped...they stopped. Then I looked down...they were MY footsteps!  I think I have been here before. Somehow, this all looks too familiar. Am I going in circles? See that woman over there? She asks me the same question every time I go by her, “Is it you, is it?” Well I don’t know!  Is what me? Of course, it’s me! “Is it YOU?!” I said to her! “Well, they’re not MY feet!” she said. I only wish she knew they were a gift from Glorbelsquatch. Only those who make it to the top of Black Forest of Death Mountain are awarded an overachiever’s giant footprint from Glorbelsquatch.  And then I smashed her with my overachiever’s giant footprint awarded to me from Glorbelsquatch.

I love fishing in the summer. The free worms, crickets, and chicken livers. Sometimes I go to get the worm, but instead, it is a rubber, gummy worm. I think it’s a French food, they call it a lure or something. IT DOESN’T EVEN TASTE LIKE A WORM! ...imposter…don’t eat the worms of another color, I told them, but NO! I lost a lot of friends that summer . . . To the, the, well, I don’t really know what’s on the other side….up there. And wow!  I tell you what...Wow! Watch out for that little silver spikey thing. It is always inconvenient. One second you’re with your friend and then...Oh look! Boombosta! A real live chicken! Gotta catch the liver! See you ‘round! 

There will be a random number of props located on the stage, you will be asked to perform an improv with as many props you can get through in 30 seconds

You will be asked to make a facial expression from a word/or words you will be given.

You will be handed a script and asked to read it with a partner.

This is an evaluation of the student's current acting skill.  This will allow the instructors to personalize what will be taught throughout the year according to the skills needing to be improved.  Please take this as seriously as you would any professional audition.  Although everyone who performs receives a place with in the Company of the auditioner's grade, you will get the most out of your experience by coming prepared and ready to give it your all.  If you have not prepared yourself, we will assume you have no acting experience. Please click the appropriate Company Icon above to register.

Thank you.  15 students have been sponsored !

Chelsea Smith

Kathryn Palma


I got involved with the arts place because I was not comfortable in front of people.  These two semesters I have been involved have helped me build my self confidence and I made a lot of great relationships.  It's really good for people who are shy. I highly recommend the arts place.

                                                               Sam Cooley

Stephen Tedeschi

What to expect and what is REQUIRED at your TRIAL PERFORMANCE

The Arts Place is about making a difference in the lives of others.  Through “The Junior Company” (grades 4-6) and “The Youth Company” (grades 7-12), we have watched young people, with the use of theatrical training and exercises; gain more confidence and self-esteem in who they are and what they do.  While there are a variety of theatre games, exercises, fun and relationship building techniques throughout the program, students are learning more than theatre…they are learning how to be confident in who they are and who they were created to be.  Each semester is concluded with a full staged production.  This is a 16 – 19 week program created and constantly developed to teach the students life skills they will carry with them for years to come.  Please consider making an investment in a life by contributing to our growing scholarship fund.  The fee of $330 per student for each semester in either Company helps with the production, a weekend of intensified training and special guests who are very involved and influential in the theatrical industry.  We have been graciously given $1000 to begin this fund and challenged to match it!  The matching contest has begun!  Join us in leading individuals to discover who they are.  Help to sponsor a student below.   

Leaders of


Class Information:

            Times – 6:30 – 8:30

            When – Every Thursday Evening

* Classes will be held every Thursday during sessions unless otherwise noted on the calendar.

* A 24-hour notice must be given if you are not able to attend a class.

 * As we draw closer to performances, additional rehearsal dates will be added.  Please allow for additional mandatory rehearsals.

Fall Session Information:

            Dates:  August 22 – December 7


                    ALL COMPANIES!!!
Time & Location:  6:30 – 8:30

Greater Grace Church

Tuition: $337.50 if paid in full in August OR $375 if paid after August or in payments

            Includes: 15+ classes, Fall Production

August 15 – Trial Performance ONLY!

(you may leave once you have completed your TRIAL PERFORMANCE
August 22 – Start of the Fall Session
August 24  - BackYard Extravaganza
November 28 – NO REHEARSAL – Thanksgiving
November 30 – Rehearsal 
December 2-4– Mandatory rehearsals at 4th Story Theater
December 5 – Mandatory DRESS rehearsal at 4th Story Theater
December 6-7 – Productions

Weekly Rehearsal Location:
Greater Grace Church
10808 Franklin Rd
Murfreesboro, TN 37128

Performance Location:
4th Story Theater
West End United Methodist Church
2200 West End Ave
Nashville, TN  37203


Joel Byrum

Elise Watkins



Michaela Tedeschi

The Little Company (Grades 1 - 3), The Junior Company (grades 4 - 6) and The Youth Company (grades 7 - 12) are theatrical programs designed to aid the student in not only theatrical exercises, but life skills as well. With weekly rehearsals, the leaders are able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each participant and use exercises to help develop good acting abilities and good character traits.

​Through Theatrical training, we are able to give students a good foundation for stage presence and performance.  This program is designed to enrich and reinforce creativity in each , foster a renewal of hope and promote self- confidence.